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We are a group of people who have experienced Kundalini or spiritual awakenings.  We come from diverse backgrounds, and all share the experience of being in the awakening process.


We are here first and foremost to provide peer support to those who are experiencing this process. We see it as being both positive and profound, but also a journey that can be challenging to navigate.


We see Kundalini as a part of the life force within us all, that works to help us become aware of the illusory nature of the self, guiding us through a journey to experience unity consciousness which we believe is our essence. As it does this we will face our unresolved psychological issues, and ultimately the dissolution of the ego as our sense of centre, and may cause anxieties and fears to rise. This non-linear process may seem chaotic and life-shattering and hopefully this website will be a resource to help you through your process as you begin to integrate these experiences.


Although it appears that awakenings are becoming more common, we are still in a small minority, and so what you are going through may make you feel that you are alone.  The Kundalini Collective is here to provide support and comradeship.


We are not gurus or special spiritual people, we are normal people living normal lives, and as we share our stories we are building up a pool of knowledge that can be helpful and supportive to us all.


We aim to develop resources here on the website that will be informative to us all, and we also run regular online groups, as well as some face to face meet-ups, where we can connect with, and support each other as we develop in our process. We hope to encourage people to create their own local meet up groups and collectives so that these resources can be shared on both a local and global level.


We believe a collective sea-change is happening both consciously and subconsciously that will eventually lead to a new system of unity and oneness. The rise of Kundalini and spiritual awakenings are part of this, and the moment that individually one moves from the subconscious to the conscious to become aware of this change. The most challenging part of the process is normally the beginning when one does not recognise this new awareness and fights the change. We suggest that in this situation you surrender to the process, and when you do it will become a little easier. Then, when it becomes challenging again surrender some more. As this non-linear process continues your old self will begin to dissolve and a new Self will arise.


Welcome to the change, welcome to this new reality and the start of the most amazing journey. 


How to use this site:

If you are experiencing a crisis then please visit the Help page and Forum for advice and recommendations on whom to contact. If you want to receive information about events including Zoom calls and meet-ups where you can meet others in the awakening process, or post in the forum, then sign up to become a member by clicking 'Log In' on the top right-hand corner of this page. Once you are a member, if you want to introduce yourself, try posting in the 'Your Awakening Story' section of the forum.​ Please note that we expect all members to follow our Code of Conduct.


We hope to build this site into a library of free information about Kundalini and spiritual awakenings.  A great way to do this is through podcasts and interviews from a range of people. If you are interested in watching some videos then click on 'Podcast' in the menu.

Awakenings and Creativity


Many people who experience awakenings use creativity to channel these energies, and this website is designed to allow users to share their work either by posting in the 'Creative Work' section of the forum, or in the dedicated section, accessed via the menu.


If you have any questions about the Kundalini Collective please feel free to write a message in the contact page below.


Having an awakening can take you away from everything you know, and life can become unstable. This is why the website, meet ups adits resources will always be free. There is a cost for us to run the site and Zoom accounts, so if you find the site helpful and you are able to please feel free to donate by clicking the button below.





Firstly, welcome to the Kundalini Collective. Please feel free to use all the resources on the website, and also be aware that we run regular zoom support sessions, and occasional face to face meetups in London, which you would be welcome to attend.

However, we are not equipped to respond to immediate crises. 

If you are in crisis the best way forward is to contact the Spiritual Crisis Network. They have a team of trained volunteers, many who have experienced such crises themselves' who provide both an email advice and support service and peer support groups, including a number of monthly local face to face groups and fortnightly zoom meetings. 

Please see:


If you are experiencing a crisis you can also visit the help page and forum for advice and recommendations on who contact.


If you have any specific questions and want to post in the forum, as well as receive information about events, please read our code of conduct and then sign up to become a member by clicking 'Log In' on the top right hand corner of this page. If you have any questions about the Kundalini Collective please feel free to write a message below.

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