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Code of Conduct

We want the Forum to be a safe space to express, and a free exchange of ideas and knowledge. Paradoxically it is challenging to allow complete freedom to express whilst keeping a 'space' feeling safe. Every group will have its own particular set of rules but in keeping with the idea that unity and diversity can co-exist, we believe the following.


Firstly, we need to agree that we are all offering our thoughts and ideas. There are no absolute answers.


 So it is essential to:


  • Respect different views and opinions,

  • Not to insist or insinuate that our ways or perspectives are the only "correct ones.

  • If you have thoughts and ideas that you really believe in, please do not write them as absolute, but rather use terms like, 'in my opinion, or I believe....'

  • To show kindness and compassion to others in the Collective.


The Forum is managed and any contributions that break these basic rules will be taken down. 


If people repeatedly break the rules then they may be asked to leave.

Guide for writing Forum posts

We hope that our community is both safe and collaborative and a place that people can share ideas and get support. If you have any questions and share your stories then please continue to do so. However, as we grow we often have people who want to express their particular ideas and perspectives, and in order to keep the space feeling this way we recognise the need to adapt. As such we are creating some new guidelines in our code of conduct for the Forums.

For those who want to to share their opinions on Kundalini and spiritual awakenings in the Forums we ask that you follow the following editorial guidelines as well as the code of conduct


1) Be kind and compassionate to others on this site. If you have an issue with them then please do not write about them publically on here. These posts may be removed.

2) A guideline for posting on the Forums is 500 - 750 words. If it makes sense for your post to be longer then send us a message about your post before posting it. We want the boards to be informal and informational, but not dense.

3) If you are posting an opinion piece, the maximum amount you can post is twice a week

4) We would like the site to be a knowledgebase for the awakening journey. If your first language is not English and you are sharing complex ideas then please use language and AI apps to make sure that your opinion post reads well. 

5) Please do not reply to your own post  unless you are replying to someone else's comment

6) If you are cutting and pasting something from your own site or someone else’s work then please credit that

If we feel that people are breaking the spirit of these guidelines then we may remove the posts.

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