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Code of Conduct

We want the Forum to be a safe space to express, and a free exchange of ideas and knowledge. Paradoxically it is challenging to allow complete freedom to express whilst keeping a 'space' feeling safe. Every group will have its own particular set of rules but in keeping with the idea that unity and diversity can co-exist, we believe the following.


Firstly, we need to agree that we are all offering our thoughts and ideas. There are no absolute answers.


 So it is essential to:


  • Respect different views and opinions,

  • Not to insist or insinuate that our ways or perspectives are the only "correct ones.

  • If you have thoughts and ideas that you really believe in, please do not write them as absolute, but rather use terms like, 'in my opinion, or I believe....'

  • To show kindness and compassion to others in the Collective.


The Forum is managed and any contributions that break these basic rules will be taken down. 


If people repeatedly break the rules then they may be asked to leave.

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