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We at the Kundalini Collective generally see Kundalini as a positive healing process that directs us towards a more aligned Self. However, this can be challenging, especially in the early stages, as we may need to face past trauma and unresolved issues in order for them to be released, and our sense of self may well shift.  
It can also be a lonely journey, as it is very hard for people not going through the process to relate to it and have a true understanding. Spiritual experiences also tend to be currently pathologised in western society which can increase our sense of being isolated and not being validated.
As a consequence many of us find connecting to others going through the process beneficial, and value support and clear grounded information on Kundalini and spiritual awakening. We are a peer to peer support group that means we help people who are going through the process, but do not need specialist help. If you are finding the process very tough please go directly to the Support in a Crisis section where we list an outside group that is available to help.


This Page contains information on:

Support through the Kundalini Collective / Group Peer Support


Individual Support

Other Kundalini Collective Resources


Support from other recommended organisations


Support in a crisis



Kundalini Collective / Group Peer Support

A good way to navigate this process is through peer support which is what we do.  We have regular 6 weekly Zoom calls which give the chance for members to connect, provide mutual support, share our stories, and exchange information. If you visit the 'Events' section on the Forum page you can find out about the next meet up.
We also meet up face to face in London a few times per year. This website also acts as a resource where you can ask questions and find others to share the journey with. You can do this by posting on the forums or messaging other members.

Individual Support/Therapy

Sometimes we may feel that we need to share and explore how to manage our experience with another individual, as well as / rather than share on a group basis.
A range of support is being offered by the following Kundalini Collective members.

Julie French

My Kundalini Awakening began with a profound stopping experience during an in-depth Vipassana Buddhist meditation retreat 12 years ago. Having had over 30 years experience of intensive meditation practise I still found, at that time, a lack of people to talk with who could really identify with and support me through what was to be a long and multifaceted process. My journey took me through various non duality teachers including Adyashanti, and from there to Kundalini Specialist the late Bonnie Greenwell with whom I trained specifically in supporting people with Kundalini experiences. I have many years experience in facilitating groups and am trained in Spiritual Counselling, Integrative Counselling and Creative Arts Therapy. I am also qualified to offer Dr. Bonnie Greenwell's specific Kundalini Assessment should this be required.

£95 for a one and a half hour Kundalini assessment.

Please contact me via the Member's page on this site. Type my name in the search then in my profile click 'message'.

Ellie Paskell

Certified somatic coach, mindfulness based pain management teacher and support group facilitator for those going through the spiritual awakening process.
With over twenty years professional experience in the healing and expressive arts, I guide people to find grounding, calm and joy by coming home to who they truly are.
Working with me will be particularly supportive for you if:
~ You’re ready to feel empowered and understood in the midst of your awakening,
~ You’re experiencing strong energy, illness or sensations in your body and want to find clarity, healing or peace
~It’s time for you to come home to your body and connect to the intelligence of your nervous system, emotions, belly and bones
My twenty year journey with kundalini awakening has been one of surrendering previously made plans and opening to the path of my heart. When I’m not working, you’ll find me in nature, cooking or dancing with friends.
One to one sessions are £99 for 60 minutes.
To have a phone chat about how we can work together, email me at:

Sue Horsburgh

I had a Kundalini Awakening in 2001 and subsequently had difficulty with integrating the experience and working with the energy it stimulated. For many years I searched for someone who would understand my experience and eventually I began working with a meditation teacher and spiritual mentor in 2015 who has helped me heal and be more comfortable with the presence of Kundalini energy in my life. I now work as a Mindfulness teacher and have been drawn into mentoring work since I trained as a Transpersonal Coach.

I can offer a safe, holding space and deep listening, so people can begin to understand, normalise and integrate what is happening for them. I work a lot with people 1:1 via zoom, but I can also facilitate groups and work with people in person when possible.

Sessions can be one -off or on-going, according to what is required.
I charge £60 per hour, which includes a donation to the Kundalini Collective website.
Please contact me via the Member’s page on this site.
Type: suehorsburghmindfulness in the search, then in my profile click message.


Support offered by non Kundalini Collective members:

Brent Spirit

One-on-One Meetings

The journey isn’t easy. Let’s travel together

The spiritual journey is messy and lonely at times. These meetings are a safe container for being heard, validated, and supported.

For over a decade, I’ve been meeting spiritual travelers with empathy, intuitive guidance, healing energy, and love.


Please see website for details and costs.


Craig Holliday

Craig Holliday is a spiritual teacher and also a trained therapist who has supported many people through kundalini activations/awakenings. 

For details please see:


Other Kundalini Collective Resources

Kundalini Collective members have identified resources that they have found personally useful, and you may find these recommendations useful:

We also have a growing number of podcasts with experienced people going through the journey, but each with their own perspective.

Kundalini Collective Youtube Channel


Also we would like to highlight the work of couple of other organisations which you might find useful:



Other Organisations

You can also refer to this list on resources for people going through kundalini awakening on the Spiritual Crisis Network (SCN) website, which gives details of both books and websites that people have found useful:

As a starting point we recommend both the books and interviews on youtube of the late Bonnie Greenwell, whose work is grounded and well informed. Her website is:


The Emerging Sciences Foundation


To awaken humanity’s dormant evolutionary potential in order to transform our world.


Through our research initiatives, we challenge the scientific and cultural status quo related to spiritual awakening. Our outreach and training programs inspire spiritual practitioners and experiencers to share knowledge and achieve higher states of consciousness in a healthy way. Our educational initiatives make the wider public aware of Higher Consciousness, humanities evolutionary goal.


When Lightning Strikes

The When Lightning Strikes Community is our Private Network exclusively for members who want to follow us on the journey of finding grounded, reliable and trustworthy resources for navigating the "unsexy" side of awakening, and learn with us along the way.



Support in a Spiritual Crisis

For some people this can cause a spiritual crisis or emergency and everyday living could become difficult to negotiate for a period.

We at the Collective are not equipped to fully support people in crisis, but there is support available from the Spiritual Crisis Network (SCN).

SCN provides support, advice and information through:

-Information on resources on their website for those going through spiritual emergence / emergency.

-Its email support service providing advice and information.

-A number of face to face peer support groups around the UK and a zoom support group for those who cannot access a face to face group. 

Please see:

The email service is able also to give informed information and advice over how to get further support including from medical services when appropriate. 

There is also literature available that provides a useful framework and support for people going through a spiritual emergency: Rather than recreating a new list here please do refer to the well informed list provided by SCN:


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