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General Resources

Kundalini Collective members have identified resources that they have found personally useful, and you may find these recommendations useful:


You can also refer to this list on resources for people going through kundalini awakening on the Spiritual Crisis Network (SCN) website, which gives details of both books and websites that people have found useful:


As a starting point we recommend both the books and interviews on youtube of Bonnie Greenwell, whose work is grounded and well informed.


We hope you find the above information useful. 


Please also don’t forget the 6 weekly Zoom calls that we hold regularly which gives the chance for members to connect, provide mutual support, share our stories, and exchange information. If you visit the 'Events' section on the Forum page you can find out about the next meet up.


We also meet up face to face in London a few times per year.


Also we would like to highlight the work of couple of other organisations which you might find useful:


Other Organisations:

The Emerging Sciences Foundation



To awaken humanity’s dormant evolutionary potential in order to transform our world.


Through our research initiatives, we challenge the scientific and cultural status quo related to spiritual awakening. Our outreach and training programs inspire spiritual practitioners and experiencers to share knowledge and achieve higher states of consciousness in a healthy way. Our educational initiatives make the wider public aware of Higher Consciousness, humanities evolutionary goal.


When Lightning Strikes

The When Lightning Strikes Community is our Private Network exclusively for members who want to follow us on the journey of finding grounded, reliable and trustworthy resources for navigating the "unsexy" side of awakening, and learn with us along the way.


Support in a Spiritual Crisis

We at the Kundalini Collective generally see Kundalini as a positive healing process, that directs us towards the Truth. However, this can be challenging, especially in the early stages, as we may need to face past trauma and unresolved issues in order for them to be released, and our sense of self may well shift.  

For some people this can cause a spiritual crisis or emergency and everyday living could become difficult to negotiate for a period.

We at the Collective are not equipped to fully support people in crisis, but there is support available from the Spiritual Crisis Network (SCN).

SCN provides support, advice and information through:

  • Information on resources on their website for those going through spiritual emergence / emergency.

  • Its email support service providing advice and information.

  • A number of face to face peer support groups around the UK and a zoom support group for those who cannot access a face to face group. 

Please see:

The email service is able also to give informed information and advice over how to get further support including from medical services when appropriate. 

There is also literature available that provides a useful framework and support for people going through a spiritual emergency: Rather than recreating a new list here please do refer to the well informed list provided by SCN:


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