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Choose Love

Inspired by a recent Zoom meet and the poem 'Choose Life' by John Hodges from the film 'Trainspotting'.

Image made by Viber AI.

Choose to love, choose to understand your Self, your place, purpose and meaning. Choose to do this both alone in the dark, and shining in the sun. Choose to be here now today, choose to feel all the emotions in life, choose the rollercoaster of love, loss, grief, bliss and pain. Choose to believe in yourself, choose to believe you are who you are meant to be, even when you feel you do not fit, you have failed, or you are not free. Choose to love, choose chaos, choose madness, choose confusion, choose to face your fears. Choose to deliver yourself from delusion. You may feel angry, you may feel alone, you may feel bored. You may feel tired, fatigued or a lack of enthusiasm. You may be waiting for the spark to return, but that spark was fuelled by anger, fuelled by frustration, fuelled by fears or by the desires that we are told dreams are made of. Wait… in that dark despair, you will realise a truth. You are not alone. Choose to Love

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