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Dreamwork and kundalini

Dreams have played a significant role in my awakening process both before and after my initial activation in 2019. I believe that paying attention to my dreams and learning to interpret and work with the messages has enabled me to get back in touch with my true nature - my soul which was buried under many years of social conditioning. The wonderful thing about dreams is that they continue to develop and deepen so working with dreams is always fresh and exciting, it never grows old. Dreams enable me to view aspects of my life from a new perspective. Sometimes when we are caught up in the emotion of a situation or in certain patterns of relating, it's impossible to view the situation from a different perspective or to see how we could behave any differently. Dreams can do just that, giving us a new perspective or insight and the results can be very quick. On many occasions, I have asked a question of my dream before going to sleep and the following morning I have an answer or something to ponder which helps me to understand the situation in a new light. I keep a dream journal and often write down a question or topic before I go to sleep and write down the dream when I wake up. I don't always get an answer and this has taught me not to make requests to feed my ego. The intention of dreamwork should always be for the greater good, not for personal gain. Sometimes I have what I describe as an 'energetic dream'. this doesn't happen often but is accompanied by powerful energetic sensations. These dreams stay with me always. In the most recent energetic dream, I drew a tarot card for a friend and was given a clear message for him. In my waking life, I told my friend about the dream and asked his permission before passing the message onto him. I enjoy listening to other people's dreams and helping them understand what the meanings may be. It's important to respect other people's dreams as they are very personal and may reveal deep aspects of the dreamer who may or may not be ready to hear the message. If you would like to deepen your work with dreams, start by getting a dream journal. At first, you may only remember a tiny part of what seems like a much bigger dream. Just write down what you remember without filtering or judging anything. I find it helpful to lie very still when I wake up and recall the dream in my mind before I write it down. This helps me remember all the details. Over time, themes will emerge - this may be characters who frequently appear in dreams, numbers or colours for example. The dream landscape is also significant - do you dream about being in attics and cellars or is the setting of your dreams an open field? Over time, the themes of dreams can spark an interest in researching different topics and ways of interpreting messages. For example, someone who dreams about numbers might go on to study numerology or start working with the i Ching. Someone who dreams about colours might like to read about colour therapy or study the colours associated with the chakras. Frequent dreams about weddings might spark an interest in alchemy. This is the most exciting thing about dreams for me - it gives us a way to research, interpret and understand messages. It takes patience, time and dedication but it's truly worth it.

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