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A kundalini plea

Your life force, your energy.

Your individual frequency of vibration never dies.

It signals, it transmutes, it changes.

This swirling life force of primordial grace.

This changing, this metamorphosis is reality.

The mind through it’s need for recognition, does not accept this.

But this is the bountiful existence that has always been.

This helical expression, this vibration through eternity.

When you are able to be, from the stillness within,

You will sense and know who you truly are.

Then you will sense the divine signals from within.

You will be aware of the enigmatic signs of who you are.

Your true nature will be known, will be felt.

Do not trust the cogitations of the mind,

The intellect seeks a comfortable sameness.

A pattern that corresponds to previous conditioning.

Sink deeper into the dream of who you are,

Let the energetic shaking take you there.

Leave this plane of judgement, this land of civil remorse.

For in the realms of frequency, lies your freedom,

Your nirvana, your sanctity of wanderlust.

Originated on 28th August 2020

Image from Pinterest

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