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From "Lotus Light", two poems by Ruth St. Denis

One of my early Sufi teachers, Arifa Miller, in her youth, was a dancer with the Denishawn Dance company. Arifa introduced me to the Sacred Dance Guild and also to the poetry of Ruth St. Denis. Here are two of her poems which have been favorites of mine for many years.

The first is called "The Calling":

"The Gods have meant

That I should dance,

And by the Gods

I will.

For in some mystic hour

I shall move to unheard rhythms

Of the cosmic orchestra of heaven,

And You will know the language

Of my wordless songs,

And will come to me -

For that is what I dance."

The second poem is entitled "The Temple":

"My dancing is the living ritual of my soul!

In the temple of Beauty and Truth and Love I am a worshiper -

On these three depend my law and prophets.

The tasks are heavy and unremitting that are imposed.

But in rare moments my spirit is so lifted into visions of life,

Radiant and whole, that I am rewarded for allegiance to the sanctuary."

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Many thanks Joe for sharing.

The second one in particular resonated here.

Really like the idea of Kundalini energy action through the body expressed as a dance.

It makes the imagination smile 😊

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