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Spiritual Awakening for World Transformation

What if a radical spiritual revolution was possible within each of us, in our own lifetime? The phenomena of spiritual awakening is documented throughout centuries and cultures, with recorded positive effects such as increases in joy, wisdom, intuition, morality, talent, genius, love, compassion, and the endowment of Higher Consciousness - also known as Enlightenment, Samadhi, Christ Consciousness, and more, depending on the culture. Everyone, regardless of nation, race, class or creed, deserves equal access to the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to awaken this process within themselves.

What has been missing in the growing awakening community is real data driven evidence showing that the process of spiritual awakening has the potential of healing personal trauma and social change. Change that will move humanity forward past all our current suffering. Both my husband Michael and I are aware of the impact of suffering within our communities. We continue to witness the suffering caused by the educational system, healthcare system, judicial system, capitalistic system, social expectation and their effects on the environment and beliefs.

To help identify and test the underlying mechanisms involved in a spiritual transformation, the Emerging Sciences Foundation (ESF) recently created the Transformative Experience Group (TEG), a revolutionary project to achieve radical spiritual growth and states of consciousness through the self-application of research-based insights. These practices are designed to enhance a person’s spiritual life and make organic changes to the brain.

The Emerging Sciences Foundation is a Southern California-based non-profit. Our vision is to challenge the scientific and cultural status quo related to spiritual awakening. We hypothesize that the human nervous system and brain are evolving, and that this process of evolution can be drastically accelerated by uncovering laws governing this process. The process of accelerated awakening has many names in many cultures, but commonly referred to as "Kundalini" from the Hindu tradition.

In order to fulfill our vision, we launched a survey that gathered data from around 700 participants worldwide to gain insights into the process of accelerated spiritual evolution. We are applying these insights into the TEG project. We then launched a second survey to gain insights of the needs for a healthy process.

One of our key findings shows that a smooth awakening is possible when people practice humility and surrender to something bigger than themselves. Equally important is the practice of wrinkling out personality flaws that cause pain to oneself and others.

Once a deep understanding of this process is gained, we hope to

synthesize these findings for the modern world. Findings that will provide individuals with the tools and insights that measure, record, and cultivate their own spiritual progress, ultimately revolutionizing the consciousness of the entire planet.

We strongly believe in our collective ability to heal and grow.

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By Linda and Michael Molina

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